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Загрузка таймера

On March 2015 Cowry (a regular client of ours) wrote to us requesting our help to secure top positions for one of his websites -

His personal project manager assessed the situation and recommended a solution that required a total of $600 in investments.
Cowry agreed and on April we started the SEO campaign for him.

Only 3 months later we were able to show the first of several good results. 
Here are the details:



Check the results here -


 - 14 keywords in top-3 on Google
 - 56 keywords in top-10 (4-10th positions) on Google 
 - 49 keywords in top-20 on Google.

Note that initially Cowry wanted to get top positions for 12-15 keywords.
Professionally managed link building campaign brings some bonus results due to synergistic effect. 
Synergistic effect is when you promote/build links for, say, 20 keywords but get top positions for many more additional keywords!



Check the results here -

Check the results here -