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  3. Intermediate results for highly competitive keywords: from 300 to 4000 visitors/months + 68 keywords at the top-10 & top-20 on Google!

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  5. Exceptional fast results for local search engine (Mexico)! Top-10 for 22 keywords within just 1 month!

Mike Huges
Business owner | Europe
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Lisa Evans
Website Owner | Poland
Email Lisa
Richard Ryan
Business owner | USA
Email Richard
Anita Clark
Realtor | USA

Brian O'Connor
usiness owner | USA
Mery Jason
Marketing specialist | USA
Doug Kelly
President & CEO | USA
Small business owner, USA
+1 240 383 692**
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Edwin Delgado
Business Owner |
Edraw Soft
+49 451 2***
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Christian Davis 
Marketing Director | Johnson Fire
Paul Fish 
Owner | Veolia Environmental Services
Kate Ross 
Marketing Manager | Global Logic
Kirk Wilson
Advanced Processing & Imaging
Alan Smith
Marketing Department Director | Ariba
Dave Sanders
Arryx | Chicago, Illinois
David Brown
SEO Specialist | Best Buy
Karl Winot
CEO | Comodo
Jeremy McMillan
Miro Technologies
Kevin Taylor
Director | Netcordia
Andy Jones
Spanx | USA, Atlanta, GA
Julia Dove
SEO Specialist | Dasexporters

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    • ForumLinkBuilding and their team were a great help. The links helped us gain excellent page 1 SERP for a variety of search terms. We received a lot of useful additional information so that we felt totally informed about the whole process. Additionally, the mails we sent with our doubts were answered promptly.

      These guys know what they are doing - definitely recommended.

      Gavin Ramsey

    • Forum Posting and Yaroslav in particular have been very good to work with.

      Their communications are precise and timely.

      We have sent a few projects to them and all have been performed as promised.

      Arnie Kent

    • Yaroslav,

      I just want to let you know that I am very pleased with your link-building efforts in my behalf.

      As you know, I gave your company several jobs when I first hired you and I immediately started seeing results. One of our travel sites ranked #2 and #3 for some highly searched keywords. That was awesome!

      Unlike other companies that place emphasis on link quantity, you steadily reminded me that link placement needed to be built rightly and at a proper pace so as not to harm my existing search ranking. I am glad I listened because I steadily saw my site’s improve in the search engines.

      As you know, I am so happy I have just given you 3 more jobs and I look forward to seeing these sites improve just like the others you managed for me.

      Glen Van Wormer

    • This company is great - they are building links for my website at The progress isn't yet complete, but I've already seen an increase in Google search results.

      They also are very good at explaining the process. Highly recommended!

      Thank you and looking forward to seeing the final results.


    • ForumLinkBuilding have completed several projects for me and did an excellent job. It’s tough to find the right company to promote your websites using forums because if the posts are not quality they will be erased. Posts they make are of high quality and not only am I happy to have them associated with my website, but also anticipate that they will be for the most part permanent links on high quality sites. Thanks – for the great work.


    • I will vouch for this service. Excellent work.

      I have done several campaigns with them and have 2 additional in the works I am waiting to be completed.

      You will not regret using them!


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